Common Reasons For Air Conditioner Repairs

air conditionerCommon Reasons For Air Conditioner Repairs

Air conditioners require repairs mostly during the summer months when they are used most. It is important to perform a thorough inspection of your AC at the start of the summer season. Air conditioner problems are quite common. A long duration of inactivity and continued misuse are some of the reasons air conditioners become faulty.

How Do You Know Your AC Is Failing?

There are several symptoms that indicate the AC has become faulty. Look for these signs when using your AC. The following seven tips will help you repair your AC early and avoid more troubles and costlier repairs.

Common Reasons for the Breakdowns of ACs

• A Worn-Out Filter

The condition of the filters used in the air conditioner determines the quality of air that comes out of it. Filters must be maintained in a clean condition to ensure the air conditioning unit delivers clean, fresh and healthy air in your rooms. Sometimes when a filter has collected dust, grime and foreign particles, it starts emitting a bad odor. This odor will enter the room and circulate throughout it. If you notice any such odor in your room, it may be time to look at the condition of your AC filters. These problems in the filter can also cause the AC to become inefficient in cooling. It will start consuming more energy to function optimally.


If your AC filter is still usable and not damaged, removing it from the machine and washing it with water thoroughly is sufficient to clean it. You can replace it and use a new one as well. Place back the cleaned filter only after it is dried. A clean filter will now deliver clean air again. It will prevent your AC from breaking down due to dirty and clogged filters.

• Bad Smell

Bad smell coming out of the air conditioner is not only because of dirty and clogged air filters; it can also be due to stagnant water in the battery. An air conditioner that has not been used for several months has stagnant water that releases the bad odor.


It is important to call an AC technician if you notice a bad smell coming out of your AC due to stagnant water or drainage system fault. Avoid any DIY work because there are safety risks with this type of job. The technician will check the unit and may install a siphon to ensure water starts circulating normally again.

• Inefficient Cooling

Have you noticed lately that your air conditioner is not delivering the same level of cooling as it used to? It may be a sign your AC is in need of repair. It may be losing power intermittently, so it is unable to cool at the right speed and level. It may be failing to lower the room temperature as much as required. If this problem has frequently been happening, you should first check the filters. If a cleaned filter does not solve the problem, the problem may be with the circuit. Even a small issue like insufficient gas or coolant can lead to an inefficient cooling problem. The fan motor of the air conditioner may have become faulty.


Leave this job to a trained air conditioner technician. The professional will use proper equipment to inspect all parts of the unit thoroughly. For basic problems like a dirty filter, you can handle the task yourself. Clean the filter and see if it solves the problem. If not, call an AC technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

• Unusual Noise Coming Out Of the AC

Sometimes an AC starts generating excessive noise. It may indicate the lack of oil or gas or some other element. This problem is also caused by the wear and tear of some moving internal parts of the AC. These issues lead to a noisy air conditioner.


It may be time to change the oil or gas of AC. Its engine may be in need of some cleaning. Any cleaning of internal parts of an air conditioner should be done only by an AC technician. Call a local AC repair service company. It will send a competent technician to determine the cause of the noise and fix the problem. Your AC will be repaired immediately.

• Problems in the Sensor

The air conditioner has a sensor on the back of the control panel for air temperature measurement. If its parts are displaced or become faulty, it starts giving incorrect inputs to the machine, leading to cooling problems.


The sensor may require putting it back in its original place. An AC repair technician will check it and determine if it is still usable or in need of a replacement.

• The Machine Turning on and off on Its Own

This is a common air conditioner problem where its control function becomes faulty. Dirt may have collected on the fan or evaporation unit. It will lead to the unit switching on and off on its own.


Because a repair job for this problem involves working on the internal parts, only a trained AC technician should do it. The technician will clean the dirty parts thoroughly. Parts are cleaned professionally without damaging any other parts.

• Tools Needed for AC Repairs

If you plan to fix minor problems of your air conditioner by self, you will need certain tools. Some of these tools include:


Most of the AC parts are fixed with tabs so you do not have to usually deal with the screws. Sometimes you have to apply lever force to reach the interior parts of your air conditioner system.

Gloves and Mask

Wear gloves to protect your hands. Wear mask because the internal parts of an AC may have collected lots of dust and mites that become airborne when the unit lid is opened and its parts are removed for cleaning, repair, maintenance or replacement.


You may need common pliers as well as needle-nose pliers.

Call a Professional Air Conditioner Repair Service Company

Always call a professional AC (repair) service company for repairing your AC. Professional technicians should also be called for scheduled maintenance works. A trained technician knows how to repair different types of ACs. The person knows what types of diagnostic equipment and tools to use during such jobs. It ensures a successful and quick repair of the air conditioner.

Check the appliance’s warranty validity. If a problem occurs during this period, you do not have to pay the service charge and in some cases, do not have to pay even the costs of the parts. Consult a professional AC technician to understand these details. Call a local AC service company if you need professional AC repair or maintenance service.