5 Things To Look Out For When Installing An HVAC Unit

One of the most important roles in your office or home is that of your cooling and heating system, and the correct installation and servicing of your system are generally carried out by an HVAC contractor, or heating, venting and air conditioning. If you are thinking about a new furnace, the cost is obviously an issue, along with overall reliability, comfort and efficiency and these five industry tips can help you choose the right HVAC contractor, one who is reliable, knowledgeable and will get the job done properly.

Size of System

A proper evaluation of your home should be carried out by the contractor you work with, to ensure you are choosing the right size system; one of the most important aspects when it comes to efficiency is the size. The applicable size of air conditioner and furnace that best fits your home can be determined by a heat load calculation. A walkthrough of your home will help determine that, and an experienced contractor will also ask about the quality of your indoor air, the levels of humidity and dryness in your home, and any hot or cold spots.


Ask your technician if they carry out a diagnostic test before carrying out any repairs to your system. You should also make sure that their pricing is clearly explained and understood and is provided before any work is carried out. You should ask your contractor if they will need a permit to replace the equipment and whether they can provide contact information for previous customers to provide referrals.


The work requirements for your chosen HVAC contractor won’t vary significantly, although the costs of installing or repairing a cooling or heating system can and do vary. You want your new system to last as long as possible, and there’s more chance of being able to get more out of it if it’s installed by a reliable and experienced contractor, and the work is carried out expertly and efficiently. Ask your HVAC contractor for information on the steps needed to start the system, any troubleshooting tips, and information on their warranty.

Staff Licensing and Training

Your state or city can verify that your contractor has the required licensing, something that should be verified before you work with them. Take the time to visit the contractor’s office, ask to see proof of current insurance, any required certificates, and certifications for the specific work being carried out. And your local Better Business Bureau can advise you on their ratings and any outstanding complaints.

Brand Name and Image

Just because an HVAC company sells or services, brand name appliances do not necessarily mean that a particular company is the right one to use, although it’s a common mistake many consumers make. You should do your research and find out which is the best AC brand recommended by many other people. You can find a lot out about the reputation of the HVAC contractor you are thinking of choosing by talking to the local distributor of the system you are looking at. Find out how much experience the contractor has servicing and installing that brand.